How to use this cookbook

CISV Cookbook by CISV Norway

CISV er en religiøst og politisk uavhengig barne- og ungdomsorganisasjon som arbeider for fred ved å skape større forståelse mellom mennesker fra ulike kulturer og nasjoner.

How to use this cookbook

The menu bar will guide you through this online cookbook.


Every recipe is structured in the same way and ready to print out if you want to prepare it for a camp. Most of them are calculated for 10 people, if you want to change the amounts you can either do that in the recipes or go to the Calculate section and calculate the specific amounts you need.

Diversity in CISV camps is also represented through the various eating habits the different participants bring with them. In the section Food Restrictions you can find out more about this topic and you have links to pages with further information on this.

In the Abbreviations page you can find information on abbreviations (obviously) and a directory on weights of various vegetables and fruit.

Through the Search box you can find recipes by name, style, food-restriction.. just try to find your favourite.

If you can’t find the recipe you are looking for, you can either send in the recipe yourself or send us an e-mail with your recipe suggestion.