Food Restrictions

CISV Cookbook by CISV Norway

CISV er en religiøst og politisk uavhengig barne- og ungdomsorganisasjon som arbeider for fred ved å skape større forståelse mellom mennesker fra ulike kulturer og nasjoner.

Food Restrictions

During a CISV camp there will be various food restrictions that the kitchen staff will have to cover. Some of them might be for religious, allergic or other reasons. In the CISV cookbook we tried to put information next to the recipes considering allergies and other food restrictions. If there is a simple way to make the dish in a allergy-proof way it will be indicated next to the recipe as well (e.g. gluten-free products).

To make sure that your menu-plan for the camp is balanced and equally rich for all participants, make sure that you ask about food-restrictions as early as possible and plan accordingly.

Here is an attempt to show food restriction and what they actually mean for CISV camps:



  • Off the menu: Animal products (meat, eggs, diary-products and other animal-derived products)
  • Meaning: Vegans reject the commodity status of sentient animals.


  • Off the menu: Alcohol, pork or pork products, birds of prey, carnivorous animals, blood, meat that is not slaughtered in the name of Allah, gelatin from non-Halal animals
  • Meaning: It is commanded by God (Allah), who decreed some foods halal (allowed) and some haram (forbidden). Obedience to this is a matter of faith.


  • Off the menu: Meat, for many Hindus, and especially beef
  • Meaning: Hindu beliefs emphasize the importance of living in harmony with nature, and having mercy, respect and compassion for all creatures. Contrary to popular belief, Hindu do not worship cows, nor are they considered sacred by all Hindus. They are, however, “Aghanya” – that which may not be slaughtered.


  • Off the menu: Pork and pork products, shellfish, meat and dairy at the same meal, birds of prey
  • Meaning: These are some of the most complex dietary laws of all religions and reasons for and degrees of devotion vary from community to community.


  • Off the menu: Coffee, tea, alcohol and large amounts of meat
  • Meaning: Caffeine and alcohol are considered to be addictive and lead to poor physical and emotion well being.



  • Off the menu: Products containing lactose (e.g. milk, butter, yoghurt, cheeses, sour cream, ice cream)
  • Meaning: The inability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and to a lesser extent milk-derived dairy products. It is not a disorder as such, but a genetically-determined characteristic.


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