CISV Cookbook by CISV Norway

CISV er en religiøst og politisk uavhengig barne- og ungdomsorganisasjon som arbeider for fred ved å skape større forståelse mellom mennesker fra ulike kulturer og nasjoner.


Abbreviation // Meaning // Equals 

  • ts // Teaspoon // 5 ml
  • ss // Soupspoon // 15 ml
  • pi // pinch // The amount that stays on the first centimeter of a normal knife, once you put it in the powder
  • da // dash // The amount that stays between thumb and forefinger
  • cup // cup // 2 dl


Approximate weight of fruit and vegetables

Recipes for large groups are often given in weight and not pieces. In order for you not to weigh every single fruit / vegetable the following table gives you an overview of the approximate weight of the most used fruits and vegetables:

  • Apple: 100-160 g
  • Pear: 100-200g
  • Orange: 200g
  • Peach: 75-120g
  • Carrot: 80-100g
  • Potato: 80-100g
  • Cucumber: 100g
  • Tomato: 80-100g
  • Onion: 50g
  • Slice of bread: 40g
  • Bread roll: 45g
  • Slice of cheese: 20-40g
  • Slice of ham: 25-40g
  • Sugar-Cube: 4g