CISV Cookbook by CISV Norway

CISV er en religiøst og politisk uavhengig barne- og ungdomsorganisasjon som arbeider for fred ved å skape større forståelse mellom mennesker fra ulike kulturer og nasjoner.




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Prep time 30 minutes
Cook time 30 minutes
Total time 1 hour
Allergy Egg, Gluten
Dietary Islam, Judaism
Meal type Bread, Lunch, Main Dish
Misc Freezable, Pre-preparable, Serve Hot
Occasion Barbecue
Perfect for a barbecue and loved by most participants - Hamburgers!


  • 3 pieces Egg
  • 8g Salt
  • 3g Black-Pepper
  • 1,1kg Minced Meat (Depending on what kind of meat you use, it fits various food restricitons)
  • 135g Bread Crumbs (finely grated)
  • Oil



  • Bowl (to mix ingredients together)
  • Grill
  • Grillplates
  • Barbecue tongs
  • Hand mixer

Good to know: 

  • there are a lot of toppings you can use for hamburgers (left overs from the Pizza toppings or Taco toppings can also be used)

Left overs:

  • The leftover hamburgers can be used as snack on the next day

Other interesting facts:

In India, burgers are usually made from chicken or vegetable patties due to cultural beliefs against eating beef (which stem from Hindu religious practice) and pork (which stems from Islamic religious practice). Because of this, the majority of fast food chains and restaurants in India do not serve beef. (


Step 1
If the meat is in the freezer, make sure to take it out early (a couple of hourse) before cooking to defreeze
Step 2
In a bowl, mix the eggs salt and pepper
Step 3
With hands or a fork mix everything together until it is well blended
Step 4
Form 10-12 burgers, that are about 2cm thick and 8-10cm long
Step 5
Put a little oil on each hamburger
Step 6
Put burger on grill and leave them there for about 6-8min per side

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